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About Me – The Devin Sherry Story

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(*This page serves the purpose to educate others about who I am, where I have been, and where I am going*)


Born on November 16th, 1991, Devin hails from the mystical land of Long Island, New York where he graduated from Island Trees High School. After graduation in 2010, Devin had attended The University of Advancing Technology where he had studied Game Design and Development.

During his time at The University of Advancing Technology, Devin worked on a project called The Afflicted with a group of
like-minded students that created a small studio presence called Autonomous Games. During his time working on The Afflicted, a third-person shooter with RTS elements. Devin worked as the Senior Level Desithe-afflicted-logo1gner along side Estevan Lopez and Tristan Moore to help develop two fully
-fleshed out levels for the project. The highlight of this project was that the group of students were able to present the game to game industry professionals at the GDC Play 2013 Conference in San Francisco where The Afflicted was played by hundreds of people.

It was also during his college years where Devin started his YouTube Channel , Devin Level Design, which at this time has over 1,750 subscribers, over 127,000 total views, and has reached its 500th published video. The Devin Level Design channel was inspired by his tutor work that Devin had done at The University of Advancing Technology, but he had wanted to reach a larger audience in order to help others learn how to develop games using UDK/Unreal Engine 3 and Unreal Engine 4. The channel also supports Let’s Play videos and other miscellaneous content to grow and entertain a larger audience.

Between 2011 and 2013, Devin had worked on a project called Time Lost, but it was later renamed as The Network, a first-person shooter created in UDK/Unreal Engine 3 by Virtus Studios. On this project, Devin had Networkworked as a level designer and was successfully able to develop two fully-fleshed levels with the help of 12-15 3D artists associated with the project. During his time on the Network project, Devin had worked with developers from all around the world to work on this game. Though the project was never finished, Devin was able to finish the two different levels; The Subway and The Space Station.

In recent years, Devin has worked on a handful of different projects including Radial Impact, Aquanox: The Deep Decent, and working on a new educational book called Unreal Engine 4 Physics Essentials. Most recently, Devin has begun to work on a new project called Running with Pixels which will use pixel art to create a 2D side-scrolling action game using Unreal Engine 4. In addition, Devin has worked multiple technical support jobs in order to develop a stronger technology background.


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