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My Role – Level Designer

What is The Network?

– What is Network? –
Network is an up-coming free-to-play first/third Person Shooter game powered by unreal engine 4 set in its own unique sci-fi world. The game focuses on tight combat, a dense atmosphere, and high quality visuals. The game is multiplayer only, meaning maximum quality of the game in that regard bringing you pure multiplayer brilliance. Network has its own class and ranking systems, filled with persistent options to enhance your character with new gear, items, and personalize options. Whether playing as the nimble Scout class or the beefy Tank class, Network strives to deliver game play and visuals on a level that most free-to-play FPS games can’t match.

Network – Game Design Document 2.00

Network – Multiplayer GDD 1.12

Network – Storyline Synopsis


– Development –
Network is a new innovative first person shooter developed by Virtus Studios, an independent team of roughly 20+ professional avid gamers for gamers utilizing the power of unreal engine 4 and it’s latest technologies bringing them all together alongside new and unique gameplay ideas and concepts directly into the heart of the game. The team consists of roughly 20 core members who all strive to create the best content they can possible within a reasonable amount of time. That said we do have fairly detailed plans on release/milestone estimates for media and the game in general including a possible alpha/Kick Starter in late Q2 and a release estimate set for Q4 2014.

(*This project has since been disbanded, but I was able to complete two different levels for the project to display here*)

Space-Station Level Fly-Through

Space-Station Level Game-Play

Space-Station Level Lay-Out

Space-Station Photo Gallery

Abandoned Subway


Photo Gallery

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